Much Narrower Restraint Control Panels a Better Fit When Wall Space is Limited

“Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door” is a popular phrase commonly attributed to the famous American essayist and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson.

But as catchy as that saying is, there remains considerable doubt as to whether Emerson even actually spoke those exact words.  Instead, it appears he crafted something completely different.

But regardless, we think we’ve built a better mousetrap (so to speak).  In our case, it’s a new version of the Kelley standard, stand-alone restraint control panel.  Officially introduced earlier this month, the new restraint control panel is visibly different with a much cleaner look that’s also easier on the eyes.

And, based on some great feedback from various facility owners and operators, the new product features a narrower footprint (only nine inches wide instead of the previous 12 to14 inches).  That means it will be a perfect fit in areas with limited wall space.

Simplified communication lights

The most noticeable visual enhancements on the restraint control panels are their next generation singular LED composite lights that feature multiple display ability (green “O”, amber “horizontal line” and a red “X”).  The NEMA 4X-rated LED lights replace the previous trailer marking style lights, giving the panels a more modern appearance.

Kelley restraint control panels affected by this latest product enhancements include the Star 4 with future models to follow.

A new width and look aren’t the only changes to the new restraint control panels.  On the inside, the panels feature a new programmable logic controller (PLC).  

Following some extensive research, we chose a PLC from Delta Electronics.  The company is a highly reputable global manufacturer of controls, drives HMI (human machine interface) units and electrical components.  Delta is even an OEM supplier to several other PLC manufacturers.

The new Delta Electronics PLC offers several enhancements and advantages:

  • Much more robust and compact than our previous PLC (Twido, which was phased out by the manufacturer). In fact, we’ve successfully shipped more than 4,000 units with highly positive feedback from the field.
  • Includes auto-provisioning
  • Easily expandable
  • Built-in overload protection

Shorter manufacturing lead times

And to help simplify field installations, the new restraint control panels now feature Wago style terminal strip connectors instead of the previous Dinkle connectors.  Because the Wago connector is narrower, it’s helped us reduce the new control panels’ width to only nine inches.  The Wago connector also allows for more modularized manufacturing which will help reduce lead times.

Following are a few additional details regarding the new restraint control panel:

  • We’re currently moving forward with converting over to the new restraint control panels as quickly as possible. However, all orders will not ship with the new panel based on quantity and production volume. We will NOT mix the two styles on an order and current style panels may continue to ship for a few more weeks.
  • Once we’re 100% converted to the new style restraint control panels, the current panels will be obsolete and unavailable for new orders.
  • Although the previous (Twido) PLC is no longer being manufactured, APS Resource has enough replacement stock to last four or more years.
  • For convenience, the new style restraint control panels will all include an exterior quick response (QR) code linking to a full schematic and simplified wiring diagram for convenience.

We trust you’ll like the new look and function of our latest restraint control panel enhancements.  But wait, there’s still more!  Be sure to stay tuned for further updates, because during the coming months, we’ll be announcing these changes and others to the rest of our controls lineup, including our Master Control Panels.