Restraints: The Most Effective Solution For Keeping Trailers Secure

STAR 2 Trailer Restraint

Effective trailer restraint is a primary safety concern on any dock.  A trailer accidentally moving away from the dock — whether due to premature departure or trailer creep (also known as dock walk) — can potentially lead to a life and death risk.

One loading dock injury, in such cases due to a lack of proper safety measures, can easily reach more than $1 million.  That means trailer restraints are no longer a luxury item.  Unfortunately, many companies wait until they experience a “near miss”; that is, an accident or injury that almost occurred due to a trailer that moved.

And while OSHA mandates that trailers be chocked at all loading docks, with restraints as a viable substitute, many companies simply rely on standard wheel chocks alone.  However, that presents a problem due to the need to rely solely on the driver to ensure that the chocks are properly in place.  In addition, it doesn’t take much force for a trailer to run over or move the chocks.

Restraints — either manual or powered — are truly the most effective solution to keeping trailers secure.  They also provide a visual indication via LED communication lights that clearly confirm whether a trailer is restrained or not.

Manual or powered

Entrematic offers restraint solutions to fit nearly every need and budget.  They range from manual mechanical restraints that are simply activated using a push bar to engage or release the restraint from the trailer, to powered restraints, which offer more ease of use, are push-button activated and offer multiple communication options.

We’re especially proud of our Kelley STAR® Series vehicle restraint systems and the unique Kelley HH Series HIDDEN HOOK™.  At the forefront of trailer restraint technology, these restraints provide design simplicity, the fewest moving parts, minimal maintenance and easy operation.

Here’s a brief look at each of our various Kelley brand STAR Series and HH Series trailer restraints to help you compare the different available models for your particular operation:|

STAR1 Vehicle Restraint
This manually operated restraint is a base model that’s designed to engage the rear impact guard of a vehicle and hold the vehicle at the loading dock during the loading and unloading process. And with a push bar to activate and release the unit, no lifting effort is required.

STAR1 Vehicle Restraint With TRUK ALERT®
Similar in operation to STAR1, this restraint includes the addition of manually activated interior and exterior red/green LED lights for improved communication. The push bar allows dock workers to easily engage and release the hook right from dock level.

STAR2 Vehicle Restraint
STAR2 is a low maintenance, manually operated trailer restraint system with an exclusive sensor bar and an effective light communication system. The sensor bar automatically senses the actual contact between the hook and the vehicle’s rear impact guard.  It communicates the status via interior and exterior red/green LED lights. The push bar is easy to use for manual activation and release.

STAR4 Vehicle Restraint
Offering automation and convenience, the STAR4 restraint engages the rear impact guard of a vehicle and holds it in place during the loading and unloading process. The restraining arm is raised and lowered automatically at the touch of a button by a linear actuator drive system.  The sensor bar then automatically senses and communicates the contact between the hook and the trailer’s rear impact guard. The restraint’s programmable logic controller (PLC) offers even more flexibility to meet the evolving needs of virtually any facility.

HH3000 HIDDEN HOOK Recessed Vehicle Restraint
The HH3000 HIDDEN HOOK restraint features a unique, non-impact, recessed design that’s ideal for new construction or remodeling applications. The HH3000 vehicle restraint system is mounted in a pit under the leveler and, when retracted, offers a clean dock face, allowing unobstructed access to smaller delivery vehicles, trailers with hydraulic lift gates and an open drive for unimpeded snow plowing or drive cleanup.

The hydraulically activated HH3000 effectively controls vehicle movement by grabbing and holding the rear impact guard throughout the loading/unloading process. It also includes advanced safe engagement signaling and an interlock-capable control panel.

No matter what your needs are for trailer restraints, Entrematic has you covered with our unique selection of Kelly solutions.  To learn more from a Kelley representative, call us today at 800-558-6960.