Create Efficiencies for Your Workers & Your Bottom Line

One of the biggest challenges facing companies is how to effectively respond to continually changing market forces in a cost-effective manner. Companies can often achieve operational efficiency by minimizing redundancy and waste while leveraging the resources that contribute most to their success and utilizing the best of their workforce, technology and business processes. Streamlining the core processes in your warehouse and loading dock is a vital piece of that puzzle. Picking the right loading dock equipment can help you:

  • Lower your lifetime cost of ownership of equipment
  • Improve trailer scheduling
  • Reduce cycle time of trailer loading/unloading
  • Improve trailer management within the yard
  • Effectively sequence loading dock equipment and dock doors

Improve operational efficiency with these Kelley solutions:

KI450 Air Inflatable Dock Shelter With Treated Wood Frames

The “Seamless Dock Bay”

All your pieces of equipment (dock levelers, trailer restraints, sectional overhead doors, inflatable dock shelters, dock light and fan accessories, and management software) can be interlocked and sequenced with each other and controlled by an advanced Master Control Panel. Housing all operating controls in one panel is more convenient and more productive for workers and simplifies access to management information.

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Powered Loading Dock Equipment

Push-button-operated air bag or hydraulic dock levelers, electro-mechanical trailer restraints, and door operators not only ease the ability to seamlessly interconnect your loading dock bays, but they also speed operations. Workers can operate powered equipment faster and more conveniently, increasing productivity. Powered equipment also has a lower lifetime cost of ownership due to fewer moving parts and less required maintenance and service over the useful life of the products.

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Dock Seals & Shelters

A properly configured dock seal or dock shelter separates the warehouse environment from the outside elements (cold, heat, wind, rain, dust, debris and insects), making for a safer and more productive environment for workers and protecting assets from the elements. Whether you choose a compression-style dock seal for smaller door openings or a three-sided dock shelter for larger door openings or complicated trailers, having the correct product at the loading dock to surround the trailer is critical.

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Energy-Conserving Products & Accessories

Efficiency can be significantly improved by minimizing gaps around dock levelers and overhead sectional doors. For example, Energy Guard® perimeter dock leveler seal reduces air gaps between the dock leveler and the concrete pit, while insulated sectional doors provide a weather-tight seal around the door perimeter and between the sectional panels. Energy-efficient products, including large HVLS fans, can both conserve power and facilitate worker comfort, leading to more productive employees. LED dock lights, which are an energy-efficient choice for illuminating the inside of trailers, and low-energy trailer fans improve also worker efficiency and safety.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

Trailer throughput is critical to an efficient warehouse operation. Utilizing 4SIGHT logistics software can provide your company with real-time data regarding trailer location and movement, which improves the ability to schedule trailers for loading or unloading. The 4SIGHT Dock module provides detailed information about dock position availability, dock equipment status, and dock equipment utilization. When you can better monitor and manage yard, dock and warehouse activities, you can achieve highly streamlined operations.

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