Dock Products That Provide Safety & Performance

Food & Beverage operations, regardless of warehouse/loading dock footprint, are often the most rugged of environments. Heavy loads, larger gross vehicle weight, high traffic volume, high productivity demands, higher need for flexibility and high load frequency are just some of the challenges these operations face. In addition, Food & Beverage facilities often require low maintenance and more regulatory demands, such as wash down, AIB, FDA and USDA. As a result, these dock products are recommended:

Powered Dock Levelers

Air bag levelers may suit some applications, but hydraulic levelers with longer lips and a capacity of 40,000 lbs. and higher to handle specialized trailers (like reefer or hydraulic lift gates) are preferred. Vertical-storing levelers are also widely utilized in this segment because they provide ease of cleaning and environmental efficiency.

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Prevent energy loss with ENERGY GUARD®, a superior weather seal that closes the gaps around your dock leveler. This seal also keeps out dirt, debris and insects that can negatively impact your clean environment.

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AC Series AUTO CHOCK® In-Ground Wheel Restraint

Trailer Restraints

Powered RIG-style restraints with LED communication lights provide the best solution for safety at Food & Beverage loading docks. For specialized applications where lift-gates are more common than ICC bars, powered wheel chocking systems are an invaluable option.

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Insulated Sectional Doors

Insulated sectional doors are recommended to provide Food & Beverage operations with energy-efficient and cost-effective means of maintaining product integrity.  Insulated impactable sectional doors provide a lower cost of ownership that traditional overhead doors.

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Master Control Panels

A Kelley master control panel allows you to integrate and sequence the operation of all your loading dock products to maximize equipment utilization, resulting in improved efficiency and safety.

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Yard & Dock Management Software

Kelley loading dock products integrate seamlessly with 4SIGHT logistics software, so you can easily monitor activity in your yard and loading dock and improve productivity through automated scheduling and gate operations.

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